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  1. A Rare Trip To Stater Brothers

    Stater Brothers is a regional store for California. They’re pretty high priced, even with coupons so they rarely have good deals; but when they do they are some of the best. I don’t know about you, but I’m loving the Kraft Catalina. Breakdown after the cut.

    One thing that made this trip even better is that the Catalina is rolling. I did three transactions and rolled the cats to get the best OOP possible.

    I got:

    (2) Loafs of Bread (Generic)

    (4) Boxes of Velveeta

    (4) Kraft Sliced Cheese

    (12) Farmer John Hot Dogs

    (28) Oscar Mayer Bologna

    Retail Price: $129.50

    Total OOP: $14.82; Savings of 89%

    Ended with (1) $10 Catalina, So $4.82; Savings of 96%

    1. theirreverentcouponer said: holy bologna!
    2. no-life-queen said: That is the most impressive thing I’ve ever seen. I can’t wait to reach that kind of couponing/saving status.
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